Composition of the architectural design

1. Preliminary design

Development of the project in accordance with the wishes of the layout of the premises and adaptation to the site. The project documentation contains:

  • Scheme of the general plan,
  • Layout of floors,
  • 3D visualization,
  • Facade views in color,
  • Scheme of sections.

Timeline for Compliance: 4 weeks.

Cost of works: from 25 $ sq. m.

2. Working project

The design documentation at this design stage contains works with drawings of the following sections:

  • Master plan with connection of all communications,
  • Architectural solution: detailed planning, sections, facades,
  • Technical and economic parameters, the specification of filling holes, sheet flooring (floor construction), the statement of finishing the interior;
  • Technological design: furniture layout, furniture specification, lighting and power circuitry, heating layouts,
  • Building structures: foundations, walls, floors and celiengs;
  • Heating and ventilation: floor plan, calculation of heating and ventilation;
  • Internal water supply and sewerage: plans, schemes, calculations for inland water supply and sewerage;
  • Security alarm.

Timeline for Compliance: up to 8 weeks.

Cost of works: from 25 $ sq. m.