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House in the Carpathians
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Turn-key repair and design of apartments and offices

Sometimes it's enough to make repairs in order to change your life. Cosmetic repairs will slightly change your life, bring in new colors and impressions. Overhaul at the root will change your lifestyle. A luxury repair or renovation is sure to bring a miracle into your life. Please check it out! The main thing is to contact the professionals. Let everyone do his own thing. The repair and construction company employs a staff of qualified employees who have experience in this field. They have available special equipment and tools, quality construction and finishing materials. In their work they apply new technologies and professional skills that allow them to perform any turnkey repair of any complexity. You just have to decide what kind of repair you want to do.

Types of repairs

Cosmetic repair of an apartment is a simple type of repair, in which capital systems and structures do not change. This is only a slight improvement in the apartment or a separate room. As a rule, wallpaper changes, doors and skirting boards are repainted, and all sorts of trivia. Cosmetic repair is an inexpensive and fast way of surface transformation of a room.

Capital repair of the apartment is a full range of works to improve the housing space. It includes: full or partial re-planning; dismantling of plumbing communications, electrical wiring, heating systems, window and door openings with subsequent replacement with new designs. Capital repair is a costly process of transformation of the premises, that is associated with significant cardinal changes.

Elite apartment renovation is the most complex, laborious and expensive process. The elements that change the style of the room are added in it to all the major repairs. For example, arches, niches, columns, stretch ceilings, suspended multi-level structures are added, lighting is interestingly designed. The design project is made taking into account your tastes and wishes. designers, sculptors, masters in glass, stone and metal take part in such work. Elite repairs are carried out using new technologies with the use of the most modern and high-quality materials and are carried out on a "turnkey" basis.

Any kind of repair is a troublesome exercise, consisting of many steps. Do not do it yourself, it's time to live in a civilized way and turn to the services of professionals. You will receive repair of any complexity of impeccable quality in the shortest possible time and at an affordable cost by contacting the design studio Detail Project. And also you will receive consultations, selection of materials, service "author's supervision" and a guarantee on all kinds of works.

Please contact Detail Project and make sure!