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Elite interior design

Each project is important for us: a small apartment or the interiors of a five-star hotel. Our team of specialists can develop for you a design project for the interior of an apartment, a country house, public and commercial buildings, as well as the interior of restaurants and other institutions.

Interior design from our team is cleanliness of style, freshness of solutions, an exceptional sense of taste and proportions. The abundance of light, simplicity and environmental friendliness are the main distinguishing feature of our interiors.

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The owner of the apartment often wants to change conditions or even an apartment after many years of experience of living in a typical apartment of a multi-story building with old repairs. Of course, not everyone can afford to change the apartment, but many more people can afford to repair it.

However, you should think about how the apartment will look after repairs before it starts. Let's talk about design

The interior design of an apartment is the organization of its space according to the wishes of the owner of the apartment and his financial possibilities.

Where to apply for an elite apartment design?

If you are interested in elite design, then it's best to turn to professionals in design studio. Detail Project is a guarantee of quality and individuality.

Five stages of the project:

1. Elite interior design project is a sketch of the future scheme of the apartment in terms of walls and rooms. Arches in the doorway, the destruction of the walls and the general redevelopment of the apartment are the design project.

2. The design of the floor, walls and ceiling does not need special representation. This is the most important stage of the design of the dwelling that will take the most time.

3. The choice of compatibility of materials is somewhat different from what might seem at first glance. This selection is not from the point of view of the builder, but from the point of view of the psychologist. It is important to make the room comfortable not only for the body, but for the soul.

4. Lighting the apartment - what lighting devices are needed and where they need to be located, that's what you need to think about at this stage.

5. The last stage is the selection of furniture. Furniture should be selected in the tone of the rest of the interior and it should be functional.