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You can implement the idea of your dream home by taking several steps to develop and implement a design project for a house or apartment. you need to apply to our studio to get an opportunity to implement the project.

Information about the specifics of cooperation with us can be obtained in the section "prices". A large number of forces and special application solutions are required for the developing of the interior design project. Services for developing a design project at home or apartment are popular, because they make space more modern and functional.

The interior of the house is not just a harmoniously arranged furniture, the real interior expresses the taste and preferences of the owners. You need the presence of skills and knowledge in the field of style, architecture, painting and construction for competent development. Not everyone can boast of having such knowledge. Therefore, development and implementation are the tasks of professionals.

The whole design team, that is headed by an architect, develop interior design project of apartment or house. Their main task is to search opportunities to combine the technical and artistic side of the issue. The design of the project is the basis of how the interior of the dwelling will be arranged. It will include the main points on the basis of which the project is implemented taking into account all the needs of the client.

The design project of a house or apartment, that is developed by professionals, has many advantages: the interior of the residential object will be designed in the chosen unified architectural style, all materials for construction and decoration will be combined with each other, the properties of one material will advantageously complement the properties of the other material, comfort of living will be guaranteed.

If we are talking about a design project for a country house, the project will be based on the use of natural finishing materials. If we are talking about the implementation of the project of apartment arrangement, the principles of rational use of free space will be realized.

The inspection of the object by experts is organized at the first stage of the development of design project, then the suggestions and wishes of the client are listened to and written down, then a team of experts searches the optimal combination of the technical and artistic side of the interior design issue.

The possibility of re-equipment of the premises can be used in the implementation. For example, if a real estate object was used for commercial purposes, builders can offer to build a living space here, expanding it due to high ceilings and windows. Space plays an important role in the development of design, you can hide the shortcomings of the decoration of space, use multifunctional furniture to save space.

The design project of a house or apartment includes a drawing-diagram of rooms, which can be arranged in an optimal way. Often specialists in their work use non-standard approaches, creating amazing objects of architecture from old buildings and unsuitable premises. The design project of the house or apartment includes information about the materials for finishing the living space.

If the choice is made in favor of natural materials, the optimal means of processing and protecting the surfaces of walls, ceilings and floor is selected. The owners of the house or apartment can express their wishes for the arrangement of space at the stage of preparation for the implementation of the design project.

The design project of the house or apartment can be realized during the overhaul, construction of new housing, after buying an apartment or a house with a rough finish. The basics of the design project of a house or apartment are technical questions and solutions, artistic questions and possibilities for finding a harmonious combination of security and style of an architectural solution and a design idea. Typically, the implementation of the design project involved specialists of the same firm, where it was developed.

The team of builders frees up space for work, brings in the necessary building materials and materials for finishing the premises. The timing of implementation depends on the complexity of the work and the qualifications of the specialists involved in their implementation. After the implementation of the project, the acceptance of the object is carried out by the customer. All services are provided on a contractual basis with guarantees.